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Live Q&A with Football Odds Compiler - Jeeve Jeyaratnam

November 12, 2020

Here is the audio version of our live Q&A with Odds Compiler, Jeeve Jeyaratnam. Timestamps below:

02:37 – 05:17 How do you know if you have a good strategy?

05:18 – 06:48 Do you make the quote for the Italian bookmaker?

06:49 – 08:59 What do you think about setting up 5-10 and spreading put your winnings?

09:00 – 12:30 What are your thoughts on the Closing line value in the Portuguese league?

12:31 – 14:25 Is it possible for a skilled bettor to beat the EPL or CL at the closing prices?

14:26 – 20:45 Do you adjust the odds with algorithms or manually? What about when the news impact the probabilities?

20:46 – 23:01 Is the Corona virus a factor when you are modifying the quotes?

23:02 – 26:07 Do you think limits should have an influence on our bet size? 26:08 – 28:22 How do you measure home field advantage in football/soccer?

28:23 – 29:44 When the player is questionable to play do you sort of hedge the price slightly?

29:45 – 35:19 Are you pricing up any leagues that are currently unavailable for us to bet on goal-scorers or any new markets?

35:20 – 37:39 In today's modern game are time decay trade markets a waste of our time?

37:40 – 39:24 How much do you factor in travel time and the quarantine into pricing team odds?

39:25 – 40:45 What was your starting bankroll and what do you recommend to start with?

40:46 – 42:46 Can an injured player also delay limit increases?

42:47 – 44:41 There has been a lot of talks about limits, but could the vig on pinnacle for that exact match be an indicator how reliable the clv is?

44:42 – 46:25 What is the biggest thing recreational punters factor in that traders don't?

46:26 – 49:15 What can you say about trying to bet in Germany with the 5% tax on almost everything?

49:16 – 50:42 Why are rugby union total points line released only 24 hours before kick off?

50:43 – 52:22 Do you think there is a hedge to bet on in-play price if it's better than the CL prices?

52:23 – 56:46 How closely do you follow social media accounts of major players or clubs when determining lines and player props?

56:47 – 57:52 If a bettor keeps popping max over and over what do you do normally?

57:53 – 1:01:40 Do you work on same game multis? Any thought on profitable play/combos to look for?

1:01:41 – 1:03:15 Do you know are sportsbook companies now using Internet software to track user behaviour are you odds comparison sites or exchanges?

1:03:16 – 1:04:14 Is it Monte Carlo simulations to price same game parlays?

1:04:15 – 1:05:03 He complies the odds for people to back, so why do the said bookies restrict your betting even though you are not showing a profit?

1:05:04 – 1:07:27 What are Abelsons' next steps/ markets?

1:07:28 – 1:08:27 What is your biggest win as punter?

1:08:28 – 1:11:33 Any edges you think have now disappeared?

1:11:34 – 1:14:12 There is so much randomness in scoring for mid table teams?

1:14:13 - 1:16:07 Do you know will bookmakers put extra bet accepted time delay on certain customer accounts, knocking out in-play price advantage?

1:16:08 – 1:17:59 It seems there is a lot of learning from your mistakes, is that the case with odds compiling?

1:18:00 – 1:19:48 What broker do you think is the best?

1:19:49 – 1:23:26 Many sportsbook companies offer soccer special accumulators, long-terms these are failing to attract mug bets, how do they decide on the teams?

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