Trademate Sports Betting Podcast

Ep 3: Mourinho in, Poch out, Liverpool & Arsenal’s Upcoming Transfer Window, VAR rant, Klopp & FPL

November 28, 2019

On this week's episode the boys discuss everything that's been happening at Tottenham with Pochettino's sacking and Jose Mourinho's appointment as the new manager. Along with what business Liverpool and Arsenal should do during the January Transfer Window. Alex rants about how referee's going to a touchline monitor will not fix VAR, whilst Marius trades places with Jurgen Klopp to make a big decision regarding his future. And as always, the boys reveal their Nostradamus Prophecies, bets of the week and some FPL chat!

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Trademate is the ultimate tool for new and professional sports traders. We calculate the true odds of a sports event and signal when the bookies make mistakes. Enabling you to exploit them.


We love sports, challenges and winning. Finding value is what we are all about whether it is in sports markets or getting a discount at the supermarket. We get that it doesn’t always make sense why we would sell such a thing if it works as good as we are claiming. The problem with sports trading and exploiting value on the European bookmakers is that they will eventually limit anyone who wins over time. This has happened to all of us, so one way to look at it is that through providing this service to you we are able to get back the at the bookies and at the same time indirectly getting a cut of the profits through our subscription fee. Or in other words, it’s a win-win. 


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