Trademate Sports Betting Podcast

Live Q&A with Pro Sports Bettor - Anthony Kaminskas

December 21, 2020

Pro Sports Bettor, Anthony Kaminskas, joins us to answers any and all of your questions!


00:0000:37 Intro
00:0003:52 Anthony Kaminskas
03:5306:53 Have you ever been caught out on a maximum payout?
06:5408:52 Advices for beginner sports bettors?
08:5315:51 What are your tips for betting selection and narrowing down your choices to specific games?
15:5217:48 How do professional keep doing it for a living when you can get limited/kicked out?
17:4919:54 Advices for betting on Betfair Exchange?
19:5521:55 What are some of the most inventive ways you’ve got bets on?
21:5622:49 Why do bookies restrict you if you bet on lower leagues?
22:5027:30 What soccer markets are you betting on?
27:3128:58 Biggest win and loss?
28:5932:22 Is Betfair's closing line better than Pinnacles’ closing line?
32:2337:15 Favorite book that has influenced your betting?
37:1639:33 What are the best/worst bookies for paying out?
39:3444:56 Mcgregor vs Poirier 2?
44:5749:16 Any bets to share or advice on where to watch?
49:1750:50 Any thoughts on scalping Betfair?
50:5157:23 When you use other people’s accounts, what percentages do you pay them?
57:241:02:10 What would be the biggest % of your bankroll that you would be willing to bet?
1:02:111:09:11 Do you play singles or multiples?
1:09:121:12:12 How many bets do you place a month?
1:12:131:04:02 Is Crewe going to promote to league 1?
1:04:031:22:24 What is your ideal end to league seasons with your open bets?
1:22:251:23:40 Best betting method?
1:23:411:26:20 Average number of cards football teams get in a match?
1:26:211:30:05 What is your worst experience?

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